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Two Crucial Errors that Limit the Impact of Our Leadership

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Today we share another powerful podcast with our executive director, Hugh Whelchel, who was recently interviewed by Guy Rogers, president and CEO of Pinnacle Forum, about “Two Crucial Errors that Limit the Impact of Our Leadership.” IFWE is passionate about collaborating with other organizations like Pinnacle Forum to further equip Christians for the workplace.

In the podcast, Hugh shares more of his personal story of working 30 years in the business arena and struggling to understand that the purpose of his work was more than just providing money for the church and his family. While both of those are good purposes, they are not ultimately the “why” behind our work. When we don’t know the reason for our work, it ultimately limits our ability to impact our communities for Christ.

As Hugh shares how God connected the dots for him, Guy Rogers asks the million-dollar question, which was basically, “so what”? Has understanding the theology of work made any difference? Hugh says:

[It’s] made a huge difference. Because really, I was a weekend Christian. I would go to church and I really didn’t do business much differently than anybody else. Now obviously, I was trying to be honest and be a virtuous person, and everything else. But I really didn’t pray at work. I really didn’t understand that what I was doing was just as spiritual as leading a worship service on Sunday morning. And once I got that, it made all the difference.

If you feel, like Hugh did, like your work is disconnected from your faith, I would encourage you to listen to the podcast!

Other topics covered:

  • Question: What percentage of what you did yesterday was sacred and how much was secular? (If you answer any less than 100% spiritual, that’s not the right answer. Learn more about that on the podcast.)
  • If Jesus Christ is Lord of all, how is it that we don’t practically live that way?
  • How do you define stewardship? (“Giving money to the church” is not the right answer, but why?)
  • What does the Bible say the real purpose is for your business?

Plus, learn more about the two “crucial errors” that limit our impact in the workplace.

Listen to the 30-minute podcast here.

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Editor’s note: Go deeper into the biblical meaning of work. Check out Hugh Whelchel’s How Then Should We Work?: Rediscovering the Biblical Doctrine of Work.

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