Grief as a Way Forward

By: Gage Arnold

5 minute read

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One of my favorite people is a college guidance counselor by day and a stand-up comedian by night. She listens…

  • Theology 101

As the 2008 financial crisis receded, U.S. household wealth rebounded by this year to the astounding record of $89 trillion….

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  • Theology 101

Searching the phrase “work-life balance” produces an avalanche of results. The recommendations provided to create a work-life balance vary widely…

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Tomorrow’s holiday presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the biblical view of freedom and its implications for our…

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Reflecting on Work While Picking Blueberries

By: Russell Gehrlein

7 minute read

I had a great time picking blueberries one Saturday morning at a U-pick farm south of town that opens for a few weeks in June. It…

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Encouraging Human Dignity, Creativity & Flourishing

By: Rev. Robert A. Sirico

4 minute read

Why not socialism? A right use of freedom has tended to encourage human dignity, creativity and flourishing. But why should…

  • Theology 101

As Christians, we seek to obey God’s commands because we love him and want to glorify him with our lives….

  • At Work

What does a mop have to do with valuing people, making a profit and living out your faith at work?…

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