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  • Theology 101

One of the gifts and challenges of wealth is seeing it as a divine blessing and not as a moral…

  • Public Square

Editor’s Note: Today we’re revisiting one of our best posts on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to honor him and…

  • Theology 101
Reasons to Avoid the Prosperity Gospel

By: Andrew Spencer

4 minute read

One of the most dangerous perversions of the gospel of Jesus Christ is called the prosperity gospel. It is a version…

  • Theology 101

Common grace is God’s kindness and mercy toward all members of the human race regardless of their spiritual condition. It…

  • At Work

All of us have been mesmerized by the glory of a sunset or the beauty of freshly fallen snow across…

  • Economics 101
How Should Christians Really Feel about Income?

By: Dr. Anne Bradley

4 minute read

We live in the richest country in the richest time the human race has ever known. Most of human history…

  • Theology 101

We’ve all heard the command to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your self…

  • Arts & Culture
Three Ways Calling Impacts Our Lives

By: Dr. Art Lindsley

3 minute read

Can calling have an impact on how we live and work? It can. It has the potential to orient our…

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