Where Is God When I’ve Been Fired?

By: Russell Gehrlein

5 minute read

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  • Economics 101
Do Free Markets Promote Greed?

By: Dr. Paul Cleveland

4 minute read

In the discussion of markets and morality, objections to free markets often center around values and character. Art Lindsley has…

  • Theology 101

My first official workplace—the kind that rendered a pay stub—was in eleventh grade after school at Woolworth’s Department Store. Each…

  • At Work
Taking the Romans Road of the Workplace

By: Dr. Timothy Ewest

6 minute read

This past summer I was bouncing between two projects, studying the book of Romans with colleagues, and putting the final…

  • Economics 101

Today’s post explores a key driver of human decision-making. We’re going to talk about an economic principle called marginalism. This is…

  • At Work
  • Theology 101

Through our participation in the world we discover the way things should—or ought—to be. This is true in our understanding…

  • At Work

Editor’s note: On Sunday, Sept. 1, 2019, IFWE Executive Director Hugh Whelchel, author of How Then Should We Work?, preached…

  • Public Square
  • Theology 101

Not too long ago, visitors to the United States were impressed with the spirit of voluntarism they observed to be…

  • At Work
  • Theology 101

Almost all of us can remember a time in our lives when God, through his Holy Spirit used something, a…

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