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Peace in the Workplace

By: Dr. Joshua Nangle

5 minute read

I once heard a lecture by Dr. Timothy Keller where he was speaking to students at Wheaton College. In this…

  • Public Square
  • Theology 101

A few years ago on ABC’s The View, Star Parker and Michael Moore had an instructive exchange. To justify state-regulated…

  • Arts & Culture

In the 1979 film Being There, Peter Sellers’ character, Chance—a man who is not too bright—rises to power and prominence in…

  • At Work
Defining the Quarter-Life Crisis: An Analogy

By: Jacqueline Isaacs

6 minute read

We’ve begun a conversation about the so-called “quarter-life crisis” that impacts so many young adults. So far we’ve discussed why…

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According to the Wall Street Journal: “The COVID economic shock has unleashed unprecedented creative destruction, sharply accelerating the transformation that…

  • At Work

The contents of my purse are bizarre. As a working mom, I need to be prepared for anything, so my…

  • Theology 101

Previously, we have discussed God’s original creative vision for shalom in community and how the fall distorted that vision. Today,…

  • Theology 101

This is the fourth article in a series of excerpts from my book that highlight some of the key biblical principles…

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