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What Does It Mean to Be a Strong Leader?

By: W. Scott Brown

4 minute read

Being a “strong leader” is deeply misunderstood in today’s world. We live in a unique historical moment in which autocratic-style…

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You Are Called to Bring About Flourishing

By: Dr. Anne Bradley

6 minute read

The Bible teaches that we are called to be good stewards of the resources that God gives us. But stewardship…

  • Theology 101
The Wholehearted Stewardship of King Solomon

By: Dr. Scott Redd

7 minute read

Solomon presents a remarkable case of both a life lived wholly for God and a life tragically fragmented by divided…

  • Public Square

I recently watched a compelling documentary film called Poverty, Inc. by Michael Matheson Miller. Poverty, Inc. challenges the current institutional…

  • Public Square
  • Theology 101

In our recent discussion of the Old Testament (OT) teaching on lending, we’ve explored some of the key questions as well as…

  • Public Square
  • Theology 101

Hinga Mbogo came to America from Kenya for an education; he wound up living the American dream. After completing his…

  • At Work
A Tolkien Tale Tackles Workplace Pride

By: John Pletcher

5 minute read

“That’s marvelous!” I’ve heard people say upon beholding an antique oak chair I’ve refinished. And I’ve relished the comment. “Wow,…

  • At Work

You filled out hundreds if not thousands of job applications. Spent countless hours at networking events trying to get your…

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