Enjoying the God-Given Gift of Work

By: Lee Truax

5 minute read

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  • Theology 101

The lunch room was the perfect place to fight. My high school cafeteria only had a couple windows allowing sunlight…

  • Public Square

Knowing history always provides a wider perspective. In particular, I’ve noticed that the state of religious freedom in the United…

  • Economics 101
Knowing When It’s OK to Walk Away

By: Jacqueline Isaacs

5 minute read

Don’t be wasteful. Recycle. Eat all the food off your plate because there are starving kids in Africa who wish…

  • Theology 101

The middle-aged woman congratulated the new mother on her beaming baby girl. She commended her neighborhood group for helping this…

  • Theology 101

The Bible clearly portrays the truth about government: God is the sovereign ruler from which all authority flows (Rom 12:1-7)….

  • Theology 101

Last month, The Atlantic published an article titled, “Growing My Faith in the Face of Death,” by pastor and author…

  • At Work
  • Theology 101

After five tedious hours of sanding and three coats of poly-finish, the vintage-1920’s, solid oak chair was restored. I laid…

  • At Work
Integrating Your Faith with a Job Search

By: Russell Gehrlein

4 minute read

Editor’s Note: Russell Gehrlein was a guest on the radio program, Community Bridge, a Family Radio Network program and podcast on…

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