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The Creative Class & the Church

By: Katherine Leary Alsdorf

6 minute read

Established in 1989, Redeemer Presbyterian Church grew in large part by connecting with the spiritual and vocational longings of New…

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The Cultural Mandate and Les Miserables

By: Elise Daniel

3 minute read

Growing up in an evangelical household, I noticed tension between secular culture and Christianity. There was secular music, and there…

  • At Work

To my surprise, the unique display is still standing in the store. I have not shopped here in several months,…

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Why It’s Risky to Not Take Risks

By: Dr. Renita Reed-Thomson

5 minute read

I have the privilege to work with many pastors across West, Central, and East Africa, who are seeking to reclaim…

  • At Work

The Bible is full of counterintuitive direction from God. Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son. Gideon was asked…

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Vocation: Your Distinct Sphere of Responsibility

By: Katherine Leary Alsdorf

5 minute read

Early in our ministry we discovered a pent-up demand for Christians in specific industries to gather and discuss the unique…

  • At Work

I delivered a lecture to first-year seminary students on the topic of preparing their present and future parishioners to serve…

  • Theology 101
7 Biblical Methods for Responding to Obstacles

By: Elizabeth Moyer

8 minute read

The hurdler crouches in position, ready to take on the obstacles before him or her. They can run straight ahead, head down,…

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