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  • Economics 101

Choice is full of uncertainty. Every time we make a choice we are making a bet over a particular set…

  • At Work
  • Public Square

We continue to hear about the rise of “religiously unaffiliated agnostics and atheists” from sources like Pew Research. Polls also…

  • At Work

This is what I hear from employers all of the time when I ask them about the skill of critical…

  • At Work

Aspiring to improve in your work can be genuinely healthy and God-honoring. Focusing on “climbing the ladder” can be a great hindrance…

  • At Work

As a career coach at a state university, I regularly have students from Christian ministries come into my office for…

  • Theology 101
The Kingdom in the New Testament Epistles

By: Dr. Tom Pratt

7 minute read

We have previously noted that the apostles early on and consistently couched their preaching in kingdom terminology. The epistolary materials…

  • Theology 101
How God Sees the Measure of a Man

By: Hugh Whelchel

4 minute read

“Jesus replied, ‘No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the…

  • At Work
What If We Take Gentleness to Work?

By: John Pletcher

6 minute read

Right now,  it seems everyone is on edge and short-fused. Leaders encounter feisty clients and coworkers during normal seasons, but…

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