The Uber Missionary

By: Stevan Becker

5 minute read

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Top 10 Most Popular IFWE Blogs of 2018

By: Kristin Brown

3 minute read

It’s been another great year on the IFWE blog! We’re grateful for our subscribers and those who share our blogs…

  • Public Square

What are the responsibilities of the church to the poor? Has the church historically been a force for change? Examples…

  • Theology 101

My least favorite day of the year is a Sunday in November—the end of daylight savings time, the day we…

  • At Work
  • Theology 101

Why do cities matter to God? We looked earlier at the nature of cities: this included the aim of God’s…

  • Public Square
  • Theology 101
Can the Government Effectively Care for the Poor?

By: Dr. Glenn Sunshine

5 minute read

In my last post exploring “who are the poor?”, I discussed biblical definitions of the poor and the rich. Let’s…

  • At Work
Tolkien’s Christmas Joy at Work

By: John Pletcher

6 minute read

I puzzle throughout December: “Is all of our holiday stress a recent-days phenomenon?” And in my most reflective moments, I…

  • Theology 101

Solomon presents a remarkable case of both a life lived wholly for God and a life tragically fragmented by divided…

  • Economics 101
Why Economics Is Not a ‘Worldly’ Discipline

By: Dr. Shawn Ritenour

5 minute read

“Economics is a discipline that is merely about the things of this world!” So goes a common fallacy one hears…

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