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  • Theology 101

As we give thanks for the bounty of the harvest and God’s blessings in our lives, what might we learn…

  • At Work

Most people would say that a business exists to produce shareholders’ value, or profits. This is a true statement of…

  • At Work

Walking into a sanctuary, many workers feel like they’re visiting another world, a world quite detached from their world of…

  • Economics 101

Ottawa, KS is a nice place to live. It has friendly people, a charming downtown, and access to big city…

  • At Work
How Veterans’ Service Matters to God

By: Russell Gehrlein

7 minute read

There are 17 million veterans in this country. Some of them (like me) made a career out of it and…

  • Arts & Culture
  • At Work
How Culture Making Brings Glory to God

By: Jacqueline Isaacs

4 minute read

Previously we asked the question, how can we know that our work is bringing glory to God when it doesn’t…

  • Public Square

Theologian R. C. Sproul once said, “God doesn’t roll dice.” Nothing ever happens by chance. Scripture makes this clear. Consider Ruth…

  • Public Square
  • Theology 101

Most people think of politics as electoral politics: elections, politicians, and voting. A more robust understanding is that politics is…

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