God in a Hamburger: The Mind of Fallen Humanity

By: Dr. Timothy Ewest

7 minute read

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Ed. note: The following is an excerpt from the upcoming IFWE book Set Free: Restoring Religious Freedom for All (Abilene…

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  • Theology 101

During my first twenty years in the family business (electric power system reliability for industries and utilities), I studied scripture…

  • Theology 101
How to Read Your Job Well

By: Steve Lindsey

6 minute read

Whether a book, the news, or someone’s facial expression, we all read things regularly in our daily lives. But have…

  • Public Square

“Son, we’re in trouble. Chiang Kai-shek has just flown to Taiwan with his fam­ily and his money.” Those words from…

  • Economics 101
Want Economic Development? Get Smart Entrepreneurs

By: Dr. Shawn Ritenour

4 minute read

Since our banishment from the Garden of Eden, man has faced a central cultural dilemma: how do we fulfill God’s…

  • Theology 101
Bearing Fruit in Every Good Work

By: Clay Randall

5 minute read

What does “bearing fruit” as a follower of Christ really look like? I wrestled with that question this summer as…

  • Public Square

Why would a group like the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics focus on the topic of religious freedom and…

  • Public Square
The Universal Basic Income and the Theology of Work

By: Dr. Andrew Spencer

5 minute read

Automation is coming to a workplace near you. The result may be the displacement of about 1.4 million workers in…

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