Freedom to flourish.

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The greatest tool God has given you to impact the world: your work.


From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible teaches that God cares about your work.


Your job description: to do your best to invest all of your life and work for God’s glory.


Through the everyday faithful work of your hands, God brings about biblical flourishing to advance his kingdom.


Your path to greater purpose at work starts here.

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News developments over the past weeks have put religious freedom back on the front page. It’s been a great reminder…

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Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the…

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“But if you confess that the world was once beautiful, but by the curse has become undone, and by a…

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  • Theology 101
Making Assertions Without Arrogance

By: Dr. Art Lindsley

5 minute read

Is it possible to make assertions about truth, justice, politics or theology without being arrogant? It is often assumed that…