Freedom to flourish.

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The greatest tool God has given you to impact the world: your work.


From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible teaches that God cares about your work.


Your job description: to do your best to invest all of your life and work for God’s glory.


Through the everyday faithful work of your hands, God brings about biblical flourishing to advance his kingdom.


Your path to greater purpose at work starts here.

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Productivity sometimes seems like a bad thing, or at least a purposeless one. We work and produce more, more more,…

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As I follow the news lately, I’m constantly reminded that things in this world are not as they should be….

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Every business leader, educator, and government official will need to think about the positive ways to leverage new technologies and…

  • At Work
Seven Reasons to Celebrate Work

By: Hugh Whelchel

3 minute read

I took advantage of yesterday’s Sabbath rest to reflect on work in an effort to see my own work and…