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On August 3, 2017, the Washington Post published an article stating that the majority of Christians (presumably self-professed) believe poverty is “the…

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Businessman Andrew Thorburn took over as chief executive officer of the Essendon Football Club last month. While it’s not the…

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The principles taught by Jesus and the apostles provided clarity for early Chris­tians, who, at times, found themselves persecuted by…

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The Colonial Era & Religious Pluralism Today

By: Dr. Jordan J. Ballor

5 minute read

A curious feature of the earliest eras of European immigration to the Americas, and specifically to North America, has to…

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As Christians, our participation in this great American experiment enables us to bring a biblical influence to our culture. While…

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The Pilgrims & Religious Freedom

By: Hugh Whelchel

6 minute read

On November 24, we will celebrate Thanksgiving and the 402nd anniversary of the Pilgrims crossing the Atlantic to land at…

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Four for Fall: Great Reads for October

By: Jacqueline Isaacs

4 minute read

As we watch the leaves change and fall, it’s a natural time to reflect on the fruits of our labor…

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The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution establishes that people have the right to freely…

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Our three big ideas at IFWE—the concepts we want every reader to be familiar with—are freedom, fulfillment, and flourishing. The…

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As Christians seek to impact the world around them with the redemptive force of the gospel, we often struggle with…

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