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Disturbing. Disgraceful. Discouraging. Amid accusations and fuming vitriol from all political sides, we hear these three words used to describe…

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Editor’s note: As we observe the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church on Sunday, Nov. 3rd, please pray…

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The Unseen Impact of Our Decisions

By: Dr. Anne Bradley

6 minute read

If you feel disillusioned by current state of politics, you’re not alone. The battle of ideas occurring in our country…

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Ed. note: The following is an excerpt from the upcoming IFWE book Set Free: Restoring Religious Freedom for All (Abilene…

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“Son, we’re in trouble. Chiang Kai-shek has just flown to Taiwan with his fam­ily and his money.” Those words from…

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Why would a group like the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics focus on the topic of religious freedom and…

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The Universal Basic Income and the Theology of Work

By: Dr. Andrew Spencer

5 minute read

Automation is coming to a workplace near you. The result may be the displacement of about 1.4 million workers in…

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The desire and motivation behind providing charity come from a good place. We desire to see communities lifted out of poverty….

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What Does ‘Good’ Look Like in Poverty Relief?

By: Dr. Paul Cleveland

3 minute read

Poverty is a signal of the failure to acquire suitable resources for the achievement of one’s ends. Since life in…

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Not too long ago, visitors to the United States were impressed with the spirit of voluntarism they observed to be…

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