Podcast: What Role Can You Play in the Pursuit of Social Justice?

In his new book Urban Apologetics: Why the Gospel Is Good News for the City, Christopher W. Brooks, Campus Dean of Moody Theological Seminary, writes this about social justice:

If we as apologists are silent on this subject, we will seem callous and emotionally disconnected from those whom we hope to reach with the gospel. Our lack of thoughtfulness on the practical needs of people’s lives will call into question our credibility in their eyes. Their perception of our faith will be that it is insensitive and uncaring about the heartache that touches their lives because of their affliction.

Social justice is clearly a major concern for Christians. But how do we define it, and how do we pursue it wisely? Anne Bradley discusses these questions and more in IFWE’s latest podcast, A Biblical View of Social Justice.

Bradley brings her unique background as a Christian economist to bear on how Christians can view justice through a biblical lens. In trying to define social justice she comments:

It’s important to get clarity about what this topic means. For Christians I think that means we have to go to the Scriptures first to try and understand it.

She then dives into several issues, including:

  • The biblical rationale for Christian involvement in fighting for justice.
  • Key economic principles that contribute to justice.
  • The role of creation and creativity in bringing about justice.
  • How Christians can avoid the twin temptations of stoicism and cynicism as they seek justice.

Bradly also suggests a few important points for Christians to consider when it comes to social justice:

  • Understand biblically what social justice means.
  • Be realistic about what can be accomplished.
  • What are the roles of the individual, the Church, and government in pursuing justice?
  • Understand the context of the justice for which you’re fighting – is it a local issue? An international issue? What are the historical, political, economic, and spiritual factors at play?

Social justice is a complex but important issue – we hope this podcast helps guide your thinking as you dive into it.

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