Podcast: Does Acts 2-5 Teach Socialism?

Acts 2-5 presents a beautiful picture of Christian community. But does it mandate socialism for believers? What can be said to such a claim?

Dr. Art Lindsley explores the major myths and misunderstandings surrounding Acts 2-5 in IFWE’s latest podcast.

Over the course of ten minutes, he answers some big questions, including:

  • Did early believers sell all their possessions?
  • Was the early Christians’ sharing totally voluntary?
  • Was this sharing a permanent practice, or a temporary measure?
  • Are the practices in Acts 2-5 a mandatory prescription for later Christians?

Dr. Lindsley also gives the historical context for the events of Acts 2-5, and how that impacts the interpretation of the passage. Additionally, he discusses why this passage is so often misinterpreted.

Explaining the real message of Acts 2-5, he says,

It provides a beautiful picture in the early church of people that were very generous when they saw need.

Check out this brief look at this community of early Christians and what we can learn from their example.

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Looking for more great theology concerning Acts 2-5? Read Dr. Lindsley’s white paper on the subject.

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