Podcast: Dealing with Job Dissatisfaction

Do you struggle with going to work everyday? Are you feeling dissatisfied with your job? Bill Clark, a professional counselor and professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, recently sat down with IFWE executive director Hugh Whelchel to offer practical advice on dealing with job dissatisfaction.

Clark explains,

That dissatisfaction is a symptom…It should drive you to ask some good questions.

During the podcast Clark offers what some of those questions might be, and explores why God is more than capable of using ordinary people for his purposes. “There is more freedom in thinking and being Christ-like while doing whatever it is you’re doing,” he says.

Dr. Bill Clark

Along the way, Clark also shares his own journey towards finding his calling as a counselor and the key people who helped him along the way. He shares,

You get excited about something and you follow the scent. That’s how it felt to me.

Listen to the full conversation and you’ll also discover:

  • Practical tips for dealing with job dissatisfaction.
  • How even the most mundane work can be significant.
  • The factor that matters most when finding work and pursuing your vocation.

Clark and Whelchel also discuss common questions about integrating faith and work, such as:

  • Is God more enamored with “professional Christians?”
  • Is God responsible for changing our life circumstances?
  • What is the true reward for our work?
  • Do Christians have to do the best work ever?

Listen to the complete podcast below.

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How do you deal with job dissatisfaction?

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