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IFWE’s Weekly Recap – 01.03.14

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In case you missed it – here are the top posts for the week.

The Year in Freedom Greg Ayers

To build a free, flourishing society, we believe that people need an economic environment that not only provides them the freedom to pursue their calling and flourish in their work, but also reflects the inherent dignity of every human being. 

The Year in Fulfillment Greg Ayers

2013 was a year of searching for fulfillment, and finding it in unexpected places. There are stories about the struggle to find fulfillment, as well as profiles of people who helped others discover dignity and purpose.

The Year in Flourishing Anne Bradley

It’s an amazing time to be alive, and as a Christian I take great hope in these examples of how God often calls unsuspecting people to do great things. He can use all of us to bring about flourishing not only for ourselves, but for the world.

IFWE’s Top Ten Blog Posts of 2013 Kristie Eshelman

2013 was the year of myth-busting here on the IFWE blog. Jay Richards’s examination of the eight most common myths Christians believe about wealth, poverty, and free enterprise was our most viewed post of the year. Gabrielle Jackson debunked five myths about the millennial worker, too. But that’s not all. 

How to Be Productive in 2014 Matt Perman

It’s impossible to keep fifty goals in front of you, but it is possible to keep three goals in front of you. If you add to this the discipline of reviewing your goals and updating them regularly, then with prayer, discipline, and creativity, it is possible to make your goals happen.

Should Christians Set Goals? Hugh Whelchel

Herein lies the balance of the Christian life: although Paul set Christ-centered goals and developed specific plans to achieve them, he was also sensitive to the Lord altering his plans.

Are Markets Just? R. Mark Isaac

Property rights are essential to society from both a biblical and economic perspective. They provide a base for innovation and enterprise and are affirmed as a just principle by the Bible.

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