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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 09.18.13

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The Necessity of Distinguishing Relief and Development What’s Best Next

In both cases, the goal is to help the person back to self-sufficiency. But the strategies in each case are different—often profoundly so. – Matt Perman

Federal Student Loans: A Problem of Subsidiarity Acton Institute

[The president’s plan], though admirably attempting to address our student debt problem, is symptomatic of the problem itself: an overreach of federal authority in violation of subsidiarity. – Dylan Pahman

Economic Malady, Church Opportunity The Gospel Coalition

Americans are struggling in the workplace and in the economy. The pandemic nature of these economic maladies cries out for church engagement. – Michael Jahr

Why Do People in the Poorest States Give the Most to Charity? Values and Capitalism

So why do residents of the poorest states give the most money? At first glance, it doesn’t make sense. Don’t the poorest citizens need to most tightly cling to their wealth? – David Wilezol

 Do Entrepreneurs Feel Closer to God Than the Rest of Us Do? Harvard Business Review

Mitchell J. Neubert and three colleagues at Baylor University investigated the connection between faith and the propensity to start a business… – Alison Beard

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