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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 08.14.13

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Why ‘The Family’ Matters in Economics Mere Orthodoxy

The American family is in a state of crisis, which in turn is having a profound impact on the economy. -Michael Hendrix

Faith and Work: What Needs to Be Read and What Needs to be Written The Gospel Coalition

More Christians today are learning how to integrate faith with work, and they want to know where to look for more insight. –Greg Forster

Bono on Capitalism with a Conscience Prism Magazine

Bono’s affirmation—that business takes more people out of poverty than aid—should be a rallying cry for a new generation. -Rudy Carrasco

Families, Flourishing, and Upward Mobility The Cardus Daily

It is certainly true that [the American Dream] easily slides towards idolatry. It can become a nightmare of crass materialism and selfish ambition. But we shouldn’t confuse idolatrous perversions with more humble aspirations of families to simply enjoy a mode of economic security that is conducive with flourishing. -James K.A. Smith

What Millennials Really Want Out of Work Government Executive

At the end of the day, we all want the same basic things out of work. Whether we’re Boomers, Gen Xers, or Millennials, we’re searching for interesting, meaningful jobs that challenge and stretch us. –Adam Grant

A Christian Defense of Free Society York Daily Record

This Christian worldview understanding of creation, property and free will underlie our country’s foundational declaration of the God-given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. –Nick Pandeldis

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