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Top 10 Most Popular IFWE Blogs of 2018

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It’s been another great year on the IFWE blog! We’re grateful for our subscribers and those who share our blogs with friends, colleagues, and family. After 230 blogs, 200,000+ words of content on faith, work, and economics and more than 1.6 million pageviews of the IFWE website and blog this year, here are…(drum roll)…the top ten most popular blogs of the year:

1. What Does the Bible Say about the Role of Government?

Art Lindsley

As Congress wrangles over a spending bill, it’s a great time to be reminded of the general guidance the Bible provides on the role of government. Read more.

2. Do You Know the Purpose for Your Gifts and Talents?

Hugh Whelchel

It’s one thing to know what your gifts and talents are. It’s another thing to understand God’s purpose for them. Both are important.  Read more.

3. Seven Tips for Writing Your Personal Vision Statement

Hugh Whelchel

If discovering your personal vision is important, then how do you write one? Read more.

4. The Top Ten Books on Faith and Work—An Updated List for 2018

Hugh Whelchel

During this year’s “Books Week” on the IFWE blog, we kicked it off with our updated list of the top ten books on faith and work. Read more.

5. C.S. Lewis’s Advice to Distracted Students (and Workers) on Productivity

Elise Daniel

Whether you’re a student or at work, how can you be productive when life is distracting, frustrating, or fearful? Read more.

6. Why You Can’t Measure the Value of Homemaking

Andrew Spencer

Can you ever really put a price tag on parenting or other low- (no-) wage jobs? Read more.

7. A Christian Response to Poverty Aims for Long-Term Restoration

Stacy Singh

How do we think long-term so that we don’t inadvertently hurt those we’re trying to help? Read more.

8. What’s in the Jordan Peterson Message for the Church?

Hugh Whelchel

Psych professor Jordan Peterson is resonating with millions, particularly young men. Is there anything the church can learn from him? Read more.

9. Creating Wealth Is Godly Work, Too

Hugh Whelchel

Is wealth intrinsically evil? Is it a sign of your faith? Neither. So what does the Bible actually say about wealth creation? Read more.

10. Why “Character Goals” Should Be Your First Resolutions

Hugh Whelchel

How many of your goals are built around what you want to accomplish as opposed to who you want to becomeRead more.


Editor’s Note: Looking for a good book to start the new year? Check out IFWE’s foundational book, How Then Should We Work? by our executive director, Hugh Whelchel.

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