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Ten Books Tackling Faith, Work, and Economics

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At IFWE we’re always coming across writers and resources that are tackling the tough questions about faith, work, and economics. Some of these resources are especially thoughtful, and when we discover them we want to share them with you.

As Christians we’re working to love the Lord our God with our all our hearts, all our souls, all our strength, and also all of our minds. We hope to encourage you in this endeavor, as together we develop a biblical perspective on faith, work, and economics. Some of our staff members have been doing this in community all this week at Acton University, where hundreds of pastors, theologians, economists, students, and businessmen and women have been exploring the foundational principles of these subjects together.

This latest round of recommendations comes from the resources that are being widely discussed and are impacting many people here at Acton U. We hope you’ll find them engaging and thought-shaping as well.

 Business for the Common Good
– Kenman Wong & Scott Rae

Wong and Rae explore a Christian vision for the marketplace, and how markets can be tools for serving others.




Christian Theology and Market Economics – edited by Ian Harper and Samuel Gregg

This edited volume features contributions from theologians and economists as they come together to reconnect their disciplines in order to discover how Christian theology impacts how we think about economics.



Why Business Matters to God – Jeff Van Duzer

Van Duzer combines Biblical studies, business, and economics to create a Christian approach to business. If you’ve ever wondered how business can be a force for good, read this book. It’s also an encouraging read if you’re a businessperson who feels that the church has ignored your vocation.



Kingdom Calling – Amy Sherman

Understanding our vocations and our callings can have a huge impact on our communities. This book tells us how that’s possible. I found it helpful because of the real-life stories of faith in action that Sherman tells.




Our Souls at Work – edited by Mark Russell

This collection brings together numerous business leaders who share their thoughts and experiences discovering the biblical meaning of their work.




Wisdom and Wonder – Abraham Kuyper

Have you ever wondered how Christians can approach engaging and transforming culture from a biblical perspective? Dutch statesman and theologian Abraham Kuyper wrote a lot about this subject, and in this work he explores how the doctrine of common grace informs a Christian approach to cultural engagement.



Money, Greed, and God – Jay Richards

“If we want to know the truth,  if we want to order our economic and social lives justly, if we want to help people rather than merely feel like we’re helping people, we have to learn the economic terrain,” writes Richards. Throughout Money, Greed, and God, Richards thoughtfully analyzes and explains current economic myths and basic economic concepts that inform how Christians live and work in the world today.



Love & Economics – Jennifer Roback Morse

In this book Morse takes an in-depth look at the relationship between the family and economics and the role families play in contributing to healthy economies.




A Field Guide for the Hero’s Journey – Jeff Sandefer and Rev. Robert Sirico

Here Sandefer and Sirico explore entrepreneurship from a theological perspective, illustrating the often-adventurous aspects of rediscovering the biblical meaning and implications of one’s work and calling.




Written On the Heart: The Case for Natural Law – J. Budziszewski

In Written on the Heart, Budziszewski weaves together theology, philosophy, and political science to discuss the foundations of healthy economies and flourishing societies.



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