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Seven Quotes About the Work of Mothers

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Families across the United States celebrated Mother’s Day this past weekend, which prompted us to look back over some of the great articles our blog contributors have written about the work of mothers.

We hope these quotes encourage and inspire you as you remember the mothers in your life, the mothers at your workplace, and the women in your community who long to be mothers.

On the Work of Mother

Dr. Anne Bradley, Celebrating the Faith and Work of Our Mothers

I find as I get older that I never stop needing my mother. The relationship between mother and child changes over time, but it is no less important. I don’t run to her when I fall and scrape my knee, but I do seek her prayer, her friendship, her counsel and the wisdom of her years. She still plays an important role in fixing my scrapes and bruises, and as we age it’s the types of scrapes and bruises that change. The role of mother remains steadfast.

John Pletcher, Hope for Hard-Working Moms

When moms access Jesus’ heart and choose to say “yes,” then kids grow stronger. They experience whole-person development—mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Don’t miss it, moms. Your kids can grow up to make significant impacts, to touch lives, and become big workers in God’s kingdom business.

On the Calling of Motherhood

Andy Crouch, The Three Callings of a Christian

Your first fundamental calling is shared with every other human being: to bear the image of God. We are here to reflect the Creator into the creation, and to reflect the creation’s praise and lament back to the Creator… For the great majority of human beings, this calling is fulfilled primarily in the first and most fundamental human community: the family.

Irene Smith, Is the American Dream for Women Missing the Cultural Mandate?

So much of current culture is treating women like one class and one singular group, which is just a lie built on lies. They say women should work outside the home to be truly fulfilled; women should not have families because men don’t have to in order to be considered successful. All these “shoulds” are irrelevant. The only mandate that matters is the one God gave us. How truly liberating that is!

On Working with Mothers

Penny Nance, The God-Given Dignity Of A Woman At Work

Part of Adam and Eve’s important work was to “be fruitful and multiply,” something in which a woman obviously has an important role. But beyond the literal labor of childbearing, all women seem to have an amazing capacity for relationship and for bringing life to those around them. That particular genius is something we need to bring into whatever we find ourselves doing.

Russell Gehrlein, What to Expect When Someone In Your Organization is Expecting

There are countless ways that the average worker, who does not own a company, is not a manager or supervisor, or does not work in human resources, can help to ensure there are benefits for pregnant workers and young mothers… Christians are called to be salt and light wherever God sends us (Matt. 5:13-14). If changes are long overdue, perhaps God can use us to influence organizational leaders to provide better support systems for women who need it.

On Longing for Motherhood

Kristin Brown, Childless on Mother’s Day, but Trusting in God’s Big-Picture Plan

I must see myself as God sees me—no less an image bearer because of my childlessness but full of his dignity, purpose, and creativity! The calling he gave to Adam and Eve still stands for me today. No matter what God has given us, he is calling us to help grow his kingdom by sharing our faith and investing our gifts for the good of others and his glory. This means that, although I may not physically bear children, I have a great purpose and can be very fruitful.

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