At Work & Theology 101

Do You Have Questions about Faith and Your Career? Check out This Quick ‘Drive-by Conversation.’

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You’re in the middle of your career. You start feeling antsy, like maybe it’s time for a change. You want to do something you feel has more significance.

Do you leave your job for something in what you consider “full-time ministry?”

What if the work you were already doing was significant in and of itself?

Bryan Feller, executive director of the National Christian Foundation, is exploring these questions and more in his Drive By Conversations video series.

The premise is simple: Let’s take Christian business and thought leaders for a short drive and ask them how they’re integrating faith and work.

One of Feller’s webisodes features Scott Young, a CPA and senior audit partner with Wright, Ford, Young & Co. Young shares with Feller how he considered revamping his life’s direction after thirty-three years of accounting:

I think most people when they get to this half-time phase, they might think complete career change. What do I do now? Dig wells in Africa… [or] see what the church has for me to do? […] I had this epiphany moment where I was praying and meditating one day…I just had this deep calling on my heart that said, “Hey Scott, you are an accountant, and you are good at it, and I want you to help others in their business doing all of that.

Young also shares how he began getting his mind “focused on heaven between the hours of eight and five, not just the hours before eight and after five.”

Check out Scott’s story below, and share with us your own thoughts about what it looks like for you to integrate your career and your faith.

Business is Ministry with Scott Young, CPA from Bryan Feller on Vimeo.

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