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You Are Now Entering the Mission Field

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You are now entering the mission field.

That’s the message Dr. Anne Bradley gave to undergraduate students at Regent University’s recent convocation ceremony. It’s not just a message for students, though – it’s inspiration and encouragement for all of us as we go about our work.

Dr. Bradley reminds us that,

There has never been anyone exactly like you in God’s whole creation. And that means that you have something special to contribute to the world. You bring to the table something that only you can give, and that has the power to transform the culture and change the world. 

Dr. Bradley goes on to put vocation in the context of God’s redemptive story, and explains how what we do is used by God to bring about flourishing for ourselves, our families, our communities, even our culture. She says,

And God wants his people to flourish in this present age, so that we might offer those around us a picture of the way things could be. When we use our skills, talents, and gifts to be the best we can be, when we pursue excellence in all things, we are responding to the call to be salt and light in the world. In doing that, we offer the world a glimpse of hope. 

The world is our mission field. You are now entering the mission field in your role as an engineer, an accountant, a CEO, a janitor, a teacher, a student, or whatever it is that God has called you to do. If we are to transform culture and change the world, “we need purposeful leaders who have hearts for Jesus and sharp minds so that we can retake the territory claimed by the enemy and bring about the kingdom of Christ where we will dwell forever.”

In responding to Dr. Bradley’s speech, one viewer commented that “passion plus vocation equals transformation.” As you listen to Dr. Bradley’s remarks, we hope you’ll be encouraged as you combine your passion and vocation going into the mission field.

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