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New Business Podcast from the Libertarian Christian Institute

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One of the best ways to demonstrate the virtues of a free society where people serve others in the market is to tell the stories of those who are living out their faith through their businesses and ministries. That’s why LCI has recently launched a new podcast, Faith Ventures, as an addition to our growing network of shows, The Christians for Liberty Network

Since its founding in 2015, the Libertarian Christian Institute has been one of the premier resources for Christians who are seeking a Christian understanding of the virtues of a free society. From solid biblical exegesis to sound theological arguments, we’ve been hard at work making the Christian case for a world where human beings can live free and flourish. 

We know how important it is to talk about freedom in the context of the Christian tradition, as well as educate Christians with sound economic theory and a biblical sense of justice and virtue. This is why LCI has added Faith Ventures to its Christians for Liberty Network, a collection of podcasts, shows, and other media featuring the voices and perspectives of a diverse group of libertarian Christians. 

Faith Ventures is about telling stories of Christians doing business for the glory of God. In keeping with our commitment to producing high-quality content on theology, philosophy, economics, and individual liberty, this new podcast shares the stories of Christians practicing all of these principles that promote human flourishing. These Christians show how our faith is lived out in the marketplace, and they will inspire listeners to put their faith into action in the work they do. 

Whether you’re looking for thoughtful interviews and engaging conversations with top thinkers in theology, politics, business, or economics, or you are simply exploring the landscape of the principles of freedom from a Christian worldview, I think the Christians for Liberty Network will be your favorite source!

Business Podcast: Faith Ventures First Episodes

For the inaugural Episode 1, we welcome Jamison Davis, the founder of Guardian Wealth Management. From a chance encounter at a bank as a teenager to becoming a licensed financial advisor, Jamison takes us on his journey in the financial services industry and ministry. His career trajectory changed when he experienced a health scare that made him reflect on integrating his faith and vocation. Realizing the unique financial challenges faced by individuals in vocational ministry, Jamison set out to educate and support pastors in navigating their unique tax code and retirement planning. Find out how Jamison’s faith played a pivotal role in shaping his approach to business and discover the challenges he has faced throughout his career.

In Episode 2, we welcome Karen Roane, founder of New Destiny Marketing. How do you get involved with CBS, win an Emmy, become a pastor, then start a marketing agency working with billion-dollar companies? Listen and find out! Despite facing difficult times, Karen encourages us to hold onto hope, recognizing that challenges are not indicators of our righteousness. Through her own healing process, Karen has found that sharing personal testimonies can be incredibly powerful and helpful to others. In our conversation, we delve into Karen’s advice for her younger self in the realms of work, business, and integrating faith. This episode is filled with wisdom, insights, and valuable lessons on navigating faith in the business world.

For Episode 3, we’re joined by Nick Gausling, managing director of Romy Group and specialty business consultant. Nick shares insights into his life, business, and current endeavors, and how his faith in Jesus Christ has stayed at the forefront of all of it. We explore the twists and turns of Nick’s eclectic career, his transition from politics to finance and venture capital, and his leadership roles in various industries. Moreover, Nick addresses the misconceptions that Christians often have about the nature of business and the free market, shedding light on the positive impact it can have on people’s lives and prosperity.

We encourage you to subscribe on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or whatever podcatcher you love most. Please leave a review to let us know what you think of it, and share it with someone whom you know will benefit! Your likes, shares, and reviews mean the world to us, and they help to spread the word for others to hear.

By the time you’ve read this article, we’ll have probably already published even more episodes, so check us out to hear the latest.

Editor’s Note: IFWE is not affiliated with the Libertarian Christian Insitute or any of its podcasts, but we do like to let our readers know about new resources you may find valuable that are related to faith, work, and economics.

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