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IFWE’s Weekly Recap – 12.20.13

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In case you missed it – here are this week’s blog highlights.

What Can George Bailey, Jerry Maguire, and Gordon Gekko Teach Us About Entrepreneurship and Evangelism? Hugh Whelchel

This Christmas season, we all have the opportunity to be both entrepreneurs and evangelists by finding creative ways to share the gospel with our friends and family.

Two Proven Ideas to Help the Poor Richard Turnbull

Working with people on an individual level is far more effective than dealing with hierarchy. Coupled with the voluntary principle that encourages the rich to care for the poor on the local level, this form of poverty alleviation is efficient, effective, and biblical.

Sufjan Stevens’s Capitalist Christmas Discord Elise Amyx

In seeking to expose the true meaning of Christmas, Stevens paradoxically misses it, by failing to see the goodness in material things without making them into an idol.

C.S. Lewis on True Progress Art Lindsley

Certainly it is never wise to go back to the past simply for its own sake. The past sometimes shows us how to live and sometimes how not to live. The classic proverb holds true: If we do not learn from history’s mistakes, we are bound to repeat them.

Can Economic Law Help Us Fulfill the Cultural Mandate? Shawn Ritenour

Not only…is economics not to be derided as “worldly,” but it provides a positive benefit in helping us fulfill the divine mandate to take wise and loving dominion over creation. 

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  • yadira

    why do cristians still shows their kids about santa clous instead of showing them the real meaning ???? why

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