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IFWE’s Weekly Recap – 12.13.13

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In case you missed it – here are the top articles published on the blog this week.

Christian History’s Radical Approach to Poverty Richard Turnbull

Evangelicals have historically embraced the voluntary principle, which relies on promoting the biblical doctrine of work, the interworking of free-market competition, and fostering wealth-creation.

Doing Development Right in Africa Brian Baugus

[African Bible University’s] model of development is something to emulate in a number of ways: their efforts are local, long-term, and require responsibility on the part of the recipients, in this case students.

10 Values Wayne Grudem Says Will Enable a Nation to Overcome Poverty Elise Amyx

According to Grudem, there is only one solution to world poverty: poor nations must produce their own prosperity…In order for a nation to produce its own prosperity, the right cultural values must be in place.

May the Most Well-Connected Win: How Cronyism Steals our Wealth and our Values Anne Bradley

What is amazing is that the practice of cronyism seems legitimate on its face, and carried out right in the public square. We have become so accustomed to it as a part of our political process that we may mistake it for a benign business dealing. But it is not benign. It is theft.

The government is picking the winners and the losers in the sugar industry, paying a high cost to appease big business sugar producers at the cost of smaller, less politically connected local sugar processors.

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