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IFWE’s Weekly Recap – 11.22.13

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In case you missed it – here are some of the top articles published on the blog this week.

1. Echoes of Eden: Reflections on Art, Faith, & Vocation Hugh Whelchel

“In whatever we do, Sayers writes, we are called to image the God who made us and create something that will be a pleasure to others. This is true for not only for artists but for all of us, no matter what our calling. As Christians, we push back a little bit of the darkness and give others a glimpse of the way things could be when we do this.”

2. How Do You Make Good Career Choices? Matt Perman

“The way to find out what you are good at and love to do is not to take a test or just think to yourself “this is my passion,” but to do stuff. Then you find out what you love, what you are excellent at, and what is actually serving people – and build on that.”

3. What Can The New Testament Teach Us About Fighting Poverty? David Kotter

“Jesus Christ incarnated the love of God toward the poor, and he impressed this concern on his disciples and the leaders of the early church. Jesus made clear that both the rich and the poor need the gospel to enter the kingdom of God.”




4. The Benham Brothers Share Their Secrets of Success Katie Shupe

“The Benham brothers made plans to start a non-profit ministry together, but felt that God was calling them to go into a different kind of ministry by starting a for-profit business.”




5. Bill Gates’ Plan to Improve the World Jay Richards

The allure of big aid is popular with philanthropists because it looks structurally identical to philanthropic giving, and it seems to supplement their own philanthropic giving…we now have very good empirical evidence that, with some exceptions, government-to-government aid either doesn’t work or makes matters worse.”

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