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IFWE’s Weekly Recap – 11.15.13

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In case you missed it – here are some of the top articles published on the blog this week.

1. What is the Secret of Contentment? Hugh Whelchel

“Real contentment is not being satisfied with what you have or where you are in life. It is working diligently to glorify God, serve the common good, and further the kingdom of God in everything we do.” 




2. How to Follow Your Passion…and Your Strengths Matt Perman

“God has a specific purpose for each of us. He doesn’t typically drop it from heaven, telling us what our purpose is directly…Rather, there are certain gifts, talents, abilities, resources, and even personalities God has given us and we have not chosen. These are usually the markers of our calling.”


3. Sin: The Root Cause of Poverty David Kotter

“Sin is the root cause of poverty in this world, and all proposals which ignore this reality are destined to fail. But the good news is that Jesus Christ came into the world to save people by conquering both sin and death. This good news is the gospel, and its advance will necessarily alleviate poverty on earth and eventually end poverty in the kingdom of God.”



4. Understanding God Through Economics Elise Amyx


“An economy without relationships doesn’t exist in the universe, and an economy with forced or coerced relationships cannot be sustained. Transactional relationships often lead to something more meaningful, long-term, and sustaining.”





5. Popcornomics: Why Are Popcorn Prices So High? Brian Baugus

“Theater owners charge very high prices for popcorn and candy and soda for people who want the “full movie experience.” This is not everyone…Price discrimination, the separating of potential buyers by price, actually allows more people to go to the movies while enabling theater owners and their employees to make a living.”




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