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IFWE’s Weekly Recap – 01.17.14

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In case you missed it – here are the highlights of this week’s blog posts.

Working Together – In the Church and in the Market R. Mark Isaac

I believe that free markets fall within the realm of mundane institutions that have the potential to achieve much good. But like any realm of human activity, they are subject to infection by sin.

How Effective is Our Aid? Lord Brian Griffiths

With the right kind of help, everyone has incredible potential to become financially independent and to become a steward of God’s creation by creating immense value through his or her work.

What is the Prosperity Gospel? Andrew Spencer

Even given the basic outline of the prosperity gospel, it is clear that there are fundamental differences between the health-and-wealth gospel and biblically-based, theological approaches to human flourishing.

Is Switchfoot a Christian Band? Kristie Eshelman

It is so important for us to have a kingdom-oriented mindset in everything we do. It’s not necessarily about slapping a Christian label on everything we touch; it’s about our faithfulness and obedience in our vocations and in the workplace.

The Morality of the National Debt Jay W. Richards

Enjoying the benefits of borrowing while others bear the costs is unjust for the same reason that stealing is unjust. That’s why it’s appropriate for Christians to ask the question: “Whom would Jesus indebt?”

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