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IFWE’s Top Ten Posts of 2012

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We’re looking back on the top ten posts that received the most attention this year from you, our readers, to close out 2012.

Our blog is taking a break tomorrow, and will return on January 2nd. Until then, be sure to check out any of these top posts you might have missed, or share them with someone you know who would really enjoy or benefit from them.

Happy New Year!

1. Are You Young, Restless, and Reformed?
What is driving the revival in traditional Reformed theology? This post examines why interest in Reformed theology is growing, especially among younger Christians, and what the Reformed tradition has to say about faith and work.

2. Finding Joy and Purpose in Your Job

Many of you enjoyed this post on what biblical success looks like and how we find true satisfaction in our vocational callings.

3. What Does the Bible Say About Income Inequality?What Does the Bible Say about Income Inequality?
This post speaks from a biblical and an economic viewpoint to one of the most pressing and talked about economic issues of our times – why does income inequality exist, and what does the Bible have to say about it?
4. Top Ten Economics Books for Beginners
Interested in learning more about economics? Wanting to explore economics from a biblical perspective? The books on this list can help you with that. These ten books are un-intimidating, thought-provoking reads you’ll enjoy.
5. Pilgrims, Property Rights, and Prosperity
Check out the story of Thanksgiving you haven’t been told.
6. Rich and PoorOn the side of the poor?
The first post in a series by Dr. Glenn Sunshine about poverty and the church. How should the church and the government approach poverty? How has the church historically dealt with poverty? How can economics be applied to our call to help the poor? This series tackles all these questions and more.
7. Faith, Work, & Vocation As A Single Woman
This post tackles singleness and vocation – and serving the Lord faithfully in even the most difficult situations and seasons.
8. Three Fallacies of the Social Gospel
What does the Social Gospel say about faith, work, and economics? What does it mean for how Christians approach these issues?
9. Made In the Image of God – the Basis for Our Significance
Being made in the image of God bears great significance for our dignity and purpose as human beings. What implications does being made in God’s image have for our faith and work?
10. Does Acts 2-5 Teach Socialism?
Art Lindsley, IFWE’s vice president of theological initiatives, examines theological claims that Acts 2-5 mandates Socialism for Christians. This post is part of a larger research paper on the topic.

What posts and topics do you want to see covered in 2013? 

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  • I’d like to read some of your thoughts on the tax exemption granted to non-profits, specifically churches, and should minsters self-censor so as not to jeopardize that status? Key words: church-state, taxes, freedom of speech.

    Also would like to see more coverage of globalization and international trade, specifically what is your perspective on free trade versus protectionism, and the role of globalization upon culture. Is culture something to preserve or simply transform through globalization? I’m thinking of cross-Strait (China/Taiwan) trade but in the case of the US and its smaller trade partners, it tends to be the US the is the cultural hegemon and modern “American” values (good or bad) are being adopted (better or worse) worldwide.

    Looking forward to more of your refreshing insight in 2013!

    • gregoryayers

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for your comments. Our think-tank and staff of scholars are thinking through issues they want to look at this year, and I’ll share your suggestions with them.

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