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IFWE’s Top Ten Blogs of 2020

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2020 was a year of challenges, and in many ways, it was a year of sadness. Our generous blog contributors were quick to address many of the prominent issues—the pandemic, financial crisis, mask-wearing, anxiety—from a scriptural basis and offer readers encouragement, guidance, and hope. We pray that you found their words valuable through this tough time.

We’re also grateful for you, our readers and subscribers who have read, shared, and commented on our blogs throughout the year. Thanks to you, more than a million people have been blessed by our blog during 2020 alone!

Without further ado, here are the top ten articles from our staff and contributors in 2020 (not including Hugh Whelchel, to whom we dedicated his own top ten list here):

1. Should You Wear a Mask? A Modern-Day Corinthian Debate

Jacqueline Isaacs

The Corinthians debated an important question about Christian behavior, and the Apostle Paul’s surprising answer can help us in our unique challenges today. Read more.

2. How Do You Know If You Are Where God Wants You To Be?

Scot Bellavia

If we strive for a “dream job,” thinking we will only be satisfied once we’ve arrived there, we may miss out on what God has for us along the way. Read more.

3. Six Habits to Cultivate on Your First Professional Project

Logan Smith

Here are several habits you can develop to help manage expectations, navigate a project successfully, and glorify God in doing so. Read more.

4. Seven Summer Reads To Check Out Before Summer Ends

Jacqueline Isaacs

Every so often we share some of our favorite reads. Keeping with that tradition, here are seven non-fiction books on faith, work, and economics we recommend. Read more.

5. Voting Christian: Three Foundational Ideas for Political Engagement

John Pletcher

We must take seriously our responsibility to engage in the social—yes, political—arena. But precisely how should a Christ-follower vote? Read more.

6. 3 Essentials To Remember as You Go Back to Work

John Pletcher

These three essential, biblical reminders will help you return to your work with a renewed and strengthened perspective. Read more.

7. How to Flourish through Financial Crisis

John Pletcher

We can all benefit from constant, tangible reminders of how good, strong, and faithful the Almighty is to supply our needs. Read more.

8. Those Whom God Uses to Heal

Russell Gehrlein

We can all benefit from a biblical perspective of the healing professions and those who are on the receiving end of their valuable work during this time. Read more.

9. Seven Timely Reminders About the Image of God

Dr. Art Lindsley

Here are seven timely reminders to help believers grasp the profound significance of what it means to be made in the “Image of God.” Read more.

10. What Everyone Needs to Know About the Folly and Failures of Socialism

Dr. Anne Bradley

Adding “democratic” to “socialism” does not change what it is: increasing central control of the economy. Here are ten books that teach that important lesson. Read more.

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