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IFWE’s Top 13 in 2013

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It has been an amazing year here at IFWE. This has only been our second full year in existence, but God has grown us and blessed us in so many ways! We invite you to celebrate with us as we count down our staff picks for the IFWE Top 13 of 2013.

1. Top White Paper: Government: Small or Large?

Art Lindsley takes us through Scripture to explain what it has to say about the size of government.

2. Top Research Article: Globalization and Poverty: The Engine of Economic Growth and Development

Doug Bandow explains how can we alleviate poverty through entrepreneurial endeavors.

3. Top Blog Post: What Principles Are Important for Human Flourishing?

Jay Richards explains what true flourishing is and how can we achieve it.

4. Top Blog Series: Joel Salatin: Christian-Libertarian-Environmentalist-Lunatic-Farmer

Farmer and author Joel Salatin shares wonderful insights on being good stewards of our world.

5. Top Webinar: Eight Common Misconceptions Christians Have about Poverty and Wealth

Wealth and poverty can create a great deal of confusion, but Jay Richards takes these tough topics head-on.

6. Top Event Talk: Why Libertarians Need God

Jay Richards delivered a powerful apologetic defense of economic freedom. Missed the event? Watch the video!

7. Top Video: I, Smartphone

While this was first released in 2012, it’s still our most popular video about the miraculous aspect of market trade!

8. Top Op-ed: Enterprise Is the ‘Most Effective’ Altruism

Giving money is not always the most effective way to help others. Anne Bradley and Jay Richards explore a different approach.

9. Top News & Views Post: Restoring the Relationship between Rich and Poor

IFWE’s Kristie Eshelman responds to an excellent post from The Gospel Coalition about our divided relationships.

10. Top Magazine Entry: The Eternal Value of Whatever You Do: An Interview with Hugh Whechel

IFWE’s executive director explains the significance of work at every stage in life in PRISM Magazine.

11. Top Post on a Featured Site: Does the Book of Acts Command Socialism? – posted on The Gospel Coalition website

This passage is often used to promote the redistribution of wealth, but what does it actually say?

12. Top University Talk: You Are Now Entering the Mission Field: A Call to Flourishing

Anne Bradley delivered this talk at Regent University’s 2013 convocation service, but it holds an inspiring message for all of us.

13. Top News Mention: Was Jesus a Capitalist? Christian Scholar Argues for Free Market

The Christian Post interviewed Jay Richards about the intersection of faith and economics.

Do you have a favorite IFWE post or moment that we didn’t mention? Leave your comments here.

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