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IFWE’S Midweek Memo – 02.27.13

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How You Can Teach Your Kids Basic Economics: “It’s true that few people enjoyed economics in high school or college. […] The fact is, economics is one of the most important subjects to understand because we make economic decisions every day. Our world is profoundly affected by economics.”

–Timothy Terrell, Economics for Everybody.

The Five Biggest Career Mistakes Christians Make, Part Two:  “God has created a pretty big world out there, but many of us Christians have a tunnel-vision tendency to block out a huge portion of it. We lose sight of the sacredness of work, the benefits of education, the spiritual value of a career, the impact of our potential influence in the marketplace.”

–J.B. Wood, from The High Calling.

Seven Things Pastors Should Teach  Those In the Marketplace: “…as a pastor seeks to teach biblically about marketplace dynamics, it is helpful for him to deepen his empathy and broaden his understanding of the vocations represented in his congregation.”

– Lukas Naugle, from the 9 Marks Blog.

Snowstorms or Snowflakes: “A collectivist sees humanity as a snowstorm, and that’s as up-close as he gets if he’s consistent. An individualist sees the storm, too, but is immediately drawn to the uniqueness of each snowflake that composes it. The distinction is fraught with profound implications.”

– Lawrence Reed, from The Freeman. 

Calling All Christians: “If the church wants to start reaching young people, start by affirming their callings outside the church.”

– Skye Jethani, from Skyebox.

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