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4 Steps to Finding Your Calling:  Are you having difficulty discerning your vocation? Read four practical steps to help in discovering the good plans God has for your life.

What’s the Eternal Significance of Everyday Work?  Many college students wrestle with the question “Is God calling you to the workforce or full-time ministry?” IFWE’s Elise Amyx shares her experience in coming to understand the eternal significance of every day work.

Sermon: Vocation Is Mission: “Whether we’re a lawyer or a janitor or a politician or a sanitation worker, in business, in trade, in water, a preacher, a secretary, the general calling of God to us is exactly the same.” Read or listen to Rev. Bill Haley’s sermon on vocation as a mission from God.

Discovering Stewardship with A Capital “S”: What does biblical environmentalism look like? Calvin Beisner, Founder of The Cornwall Alliance, discerns the good and evil behind of the environmental movement in the church today.

Video: How Does Human Dignity Connect to Creativity and Economic Development?  In this short post featuring a new Povertycure video, author Joseph Sunde emphasizes the importance of human dignity in economic development.

8 Signs You’ve Found Your Life’s Work: How do you know you’ve found your calling? Fast Company offers a few suggestions.

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