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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 07.24.13

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Do Americans Believe Capitalism & Government Are Working?  Brookings

More than eight in ten religious conservatives agree that if enough people had a personal relationship with God, social problems would take care of themselves, but nearly seven in ten religious progressives disagree with that statement. – Robert P. Jones, etc.

Do Christians Need to Be Better Economic Stewards?  Values and Capitalism

Responsible Christians should aim to multiply what we have, because careful stewardship pleases God and so we can give to others. – Joy Pullman

The Huge Threat to Capitalism That Republicans Are Ignoring The Atlantic

In the 1950s, Communist ideology posed the biggest threat to the free market. Today, crony capitalism is more corrosive. – Conor Friedersdorf

Capitalism and Christianity  Religion Dispatches

According to the survey, white evangelicals are more likely to say the free market and Christian values are at odds than black Protestants, mainline Protestants, Catholics, and religiously unaffiliated Americans. – Peter Montgomery

Memo to Tinseltown  Acton Institute

Iron Man 3 and The Lone Ranger are recent Hollywood films—which is to say, major capitalist undertakings—that feature one of Hollywood’s favorite stereotypes: evil capitalists. – Jonathan Witt

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