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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 07.17.13

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When Faith and Creativity Collide: An Interview with Blaine Hogan  Religion News Service

The real problem with how faith and creativity intersect practically is that we have some terrible storytellers. Want to get someone to believe in something? Want them to have faith? Tell them an amazing story. –  Blaine Hogan

Listening to Grub Experts  Smorgasblurb

I’ve noticed in my own work, I quickly defer to experts or leading institutions because of their credentials alone. […] We need to give and listen to advice gently, trusting no authority as right, apart from the One who always is. – Chris Horst

Occupied Territory  World Magazine

Where are the evangelicals in support of our work? […] We on the front line need more cultural support from our people. – Doug TenNapel

3 Lessons Public Schools Can Learn from Homeschool Economics Compass Classroom

Free markets and educational systems work best in the context of a Biblical worldview. – Thomas Purifoy

The Best Weapon In the War on Poverty Is A Job Tuscon Business

So if we can agree that paychecks are the vehicle for upward mobility, wealth and personal fulfillment in life, why aren’t we doing everything in our power to create more of the jobs that are the source of those paychecks? – Mike Varney

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