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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 05.29.13

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The Huge Economic Crisis No One Will Talk About  AEI Videos

Since the 1950s, America’s basic family unit has changed dramatically, and the economic impact is significant. – AEI

How to Discourage Artists in the Church  The Gospel Coalition

Many Christian artists live between two strange worlds. Their faith in Christ seems odd to many of their friends in the artistic community—almost as odd as their calling as artists seems to some of their friends at church. – Philip G. Ryken

Christians May Not Be “Better” Bus Drivers, But They Should Be  Hang Together

Does the Bible teach how to be a bus driver? Is a Christian necessarily a better bus drive than a non-Christian? Is there a distinctively Christian way to think about the particulars of each vocation? – Greg Forster

Transforming the Broken Through Business  Center for Faith and Work

Can God use entrepreneurship and business to lift people out of poverty and addiction? Two successful young film-industry professionals, a producer and a director, believe it is and started the Neighborhood Film Company. – Center for Faith and Work

Tim Keller: Five Ways the Bible Shapes Our Work  Acton Institute

Keller argues that we have to view our work through the larger biblical story of Creation > Fall > Redemption > Restoration. If God is the creator of all things, and if through Christ all things are made new, that process of restoration must include our work. – Joseph Sunde

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