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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 05.15.13

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How to Change Your Company’s Culture  Jeff Haanen

So how do you move from simply being a Christian “in” an organization to actually engaging its culture with the gospel? – Jeff Haanen

Gift, Gratitude, and the Grace of Stewardship  Acton Institute

The connection between gift and gratitude invigorates a life of stewardship and responsibility. – Jordan Ballor

Liberty Without Virtue: A Nation Without Its Heart Values and Capitalism

If we love liberty, we must also love justice, kindness, mercy and charity. Otherwise, the liberty that we dearly love will disappear, and the America that we call exceptional may join the ranks of failed experiments in democracy. – Tyler Castle

How Commerce Expands Culture The Ümlaut

The rise of capitalism has driven down the costs of producing and enjoying creative works; the supply and diversity of products has expanded accordingly. Still, the tempting allures of cultural pessimism stubbornly persist. – Andrea Castillo

Moral Markets World Magazine

Americans are about to relearn the lesson, says Steve Forbes, that it is big government and not capitalism that causes economic instability. – Marvin Olasky

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