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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 05.01.2013

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When Food Isn’t the Answer to Hunger  New York Times

When the Indian Ocean tsunami hit in December 2004…the great global humanitarian machine sprung to life. First on the list of donations, of course, was food — bags of food began arriving by airlift and sea…But was it the right kind of aid? The Acehnese who lost their livelihoods needed food, but there was actually plenty of food to be bought. –Tina Rosenburg

Stewards of Wealth Streams  Christianity Today

[Pamela Wilhelms] notes that sustainability is a common-good goal shared by people of many faiths, and no faith at all. “We have to look systemically, and we have to bring together economists and ecologists and corporate leaders and government leaders and artists and everybody from the whole system,” she says. –Roxanne Wieman

“Buy Yourself a Cup of Tea” — A Collapse in Culture  Povertycure

…the persistent pandemic of garment-factory related tragedies in Bangladesh runs deeper than Western values and the demand for low prices at JC Penney, which is one of the name brand purchasers of fabrics produced at the Rana Plaza building. An invisible pathogen plagues Bangladeshi society and, from everything I have read in the past several days, its role in this tragedy has been widely overlooked. –Mark Weber

What We Can Learn from Margaret Thatcher on Income Inequality  Values and Capitalism

As far as I am aware, there is no parable of Christ in which the Master says “well done, good and faithful servant, you meant well but accomplished little.” –Jacque Otto

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