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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 04.17.13

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Work Is Not the Enemy Center for Faith & Work

Yet when we devote ourselves to God, He fills us with life and the ability to enjoy His good gifts, rather than sucking us dry. He gives us the ability to do good work—and also the freedom to walk away our work when other responsibilities call. – Center for Faith & Work

Celebrating Jesus In One2 One2 Conferences

But everything I saw throughout the evening has encouraged me that college students are serious and willing to learn and talk more about their faith and how it applies to work…There is a hunger and thirst within the Christian community to learn what living out faith in Jesus Christ looks like. – Austin Burkhart, One2 Conferences

Does Being Selfless Mean We Can’t Be Successful? The High Calling

Our questions of “how” and “how much” don’t matter as much as the “why” behind our actions. The bottom line is that our work—and our success—is not about us. Which, ironically, may be all the more reason for us to strive to succeed. – J.B. Wood

The Plowboy, the Milkmaid, and the Priest Values & Capitalism

If you won the lottery tonight, would you show up at work tomorrow morning? – Elise Amyx

Does My Work Matter to God? One Businessman’s Story  Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics

Have you ever felt like what you do the majority of the week at work doesn’t matter to God? Have you ever been taught that the only purpose of your work is to share your faith and earn a paycheck to donate to missions? – Hugh Whelchel

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