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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 03.21.13

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The Duck Commander’s Business as Mission   Acton Institute

…the popular A&E series Duck Dynasty, focusing on the lives of the Duck Commander products, embodies a vision of business as mission on a variety of levels. As Phil puts it, “we all are preachers.” – Jordan Ballor

The Problem With Writing Off ‘Un-Christian’ Art   Patheos

Christ’s death and resurrection did not mark the separation of Christianity from everything non-Christian but rather, the restoration of all things. […] This includes art…

– Nick Rynerson

The Secret to Success for Social Entrepreneurs: Innovative Obedience?  Values & Capitalism

As believers, we have orders to use our talents—financial resources, social capital and imaginations—to promote flourishing in society, as we seek the Shalom of our workplaces, cities, states and nation. This instruction might sound straightforward in theory, but entrepreneurs know as well as any that the operational, strategic and manual toil involved in pursuing social good is not easy.  – Julia Thompson

We Need God’s Principles in Free Markets  Christian Post

Dr. Sproul, the founder of Highlands Ministries and a Teaching Fellow at Ligonier Ministries, a Christian educational organization, argues that the structural relationship between economics and theology is actually quite similar. – Myles Collier

How Should Christians Respond to Government Growth and Spending?  Townhall

If Christians can’t muster the courage to speak out against what Rep. Paul Ryan has called “the most predictable debt crisis in history,” we won’t deserve to be taken seriously after the collapse.  – Jay Richards

Forging the Future with the Tip of the Pen  Christianity Today

We are all created in the image of God and we don’t only bear His image in the way that we think, the way that we act, or the emotions that we have, but in our desire to create. […] What we are passionate about, He was first passion about.  – Jake Weidmann

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