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IFWE's Midweek Memo – 02.13.13

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Offering relevant news, analysis, and opinion on all things faith, work, and economics.

What makes works “Christian?”: J.D. Greear offers five biblical qualities of true Christian work.

Making Beauty Out of Blight: Nathan Clark’s new documentary features the story of gardener Riet Schumack, who is an inspiring example of creating value in her community through her unique gifts and passions. 

The Moral Case for the Free Market: Jacque Otto argues the heart of capitalism stretches beyond utility maximization.

Free Viewing: Economics for Everybody: Watch Ligonier Ministry’s abridged version of “Economics for Everybody,” discussing liberty, tyranny, and their impact on Christianity. Watch for free through the end of February.

Is “Profit” A Dirty Word?: Professor Brian Brenberg makes the case for why it’s okay for Christians to go into business.

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