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IFWE’s Midweek Memo – 01.30.13

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Does Your Job Matter Enough?: Evangelical students today struggle with choosing a career in ministry or a job in the marketplace. What’s missing? KC McGinnis argues it’s a proper understanding of God’s design for work.

Why Work?: People formulate many reasons to go to work: modern reasons, postmodern reasons, or uniquely Christian reasons. Matthew Kaemingk lays out the true biblical reason to wake up and go to work in the morning in this first entry in a two part series.

Flourishing & Restoration in Detroit: Yvette Rock offers an inspiring example of what it means to work for the flourishing of her city, Detroit, in this short film from Christianity Today’s This Is Our City project.

Is Your Congregation Paying Attention to Work?: “Apart from doing that kind of work, we’re not fully human; we’re not living the lives that God meant us to live.” Katherine Leary Alsdorf, the founder of the Center for Faith & Work at New York’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church, says more congregations need to pay attention to work and the role it plays in people’s lives.

Top Christian Business Leader Blogs: Dr. Jim Harris offers his picks for the top blogs offering quality, though-provoking content on faith, work, and business.

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