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How One Woman Overcame Homelessness

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Lisa and Niklas Warren. Screen capture from

Lisa Warren never expected to be homeless. But according to Orlando Sentinel columnist Beth Kassab, Warren lost her job as an elementary school teacher in 2012 and was unable to find work for nine months. As savings ran low, Warren and her six-year-old son, Niklas, were evicted from their apartment.

Faced with the need for food, shelter, and aid, Warren said,

I have a college degree…I came from the teaching profession. I didn’t exactly fit the typical client of some of the agencies. I was embarrassed. I was disheartened. I went through a thousand different emotions.

As she applied for various jobs, she learned that many positions required “unlimited availability.” The problem was that Warren was only available to work when she had childcare available for her son.

A couple months ago, Warren found a job and she and her son moved into an apartment, with the support of an organization called Christian HELP whose vision is:

…to see God honored by providing for the vocational, material and spiritual needs of those who are unemployed and actively seeking employment.

How did this organization make a difference in one individual’s life? Read the rest of Warren’s story and leave your comments here.

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