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How One Family Does Ministry through Business

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According to the Cardone family, business is ministry.

CARDONE Industries has become one of the largest automotive parts remanufacturers in the world. According to Michael Cardone, Sr., the work that his company does…

…enables people to keep their cars longer, it helps them reduce the cost of their repairs of their vehicle, and it makes these component parts available to them through the independent market.

The Cardones have seen their business grow from a startup with six employees in Philadelphia to a global company with over 5,000 employees. Their strategy? Becoming the best in their field and embracing their God-given callings.

Cardone explains,

Giving your life to God, giving your business to God, means that you’re willing to accept what God has for you. It’s not necessarily the size of your business, it’s not necessarily the growth of your business, it’s not how many competitors you can put out of business, its doing what God’s called us to do.

To the Cardone family, business is all about serving God. And that means serving other people. Cardone says,

To be a successful business, you have to always put the customer first. Well, we take it on into our business and that means my employees are my customer. That’s who I have to serve. And when I serve them well, I know they are going to serve my customers well.

How does CARDONE Industries serve its employees and customers? Watch the entire video here.

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