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Glorifying God in Sochi

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We know that all work is sacred, a way of worshiping God by cultivating and restoring his creation. But when we think of vocation and calling, we often don’t think about training for the Olympics.

As the world watches the Olympic Games for the next two weeks, Team USA will include several athletes who compete not only for themselves and their country, but who glorify God in the process as well. Here are some of the athletes, thier stories, and the times that you can watch them compete.

Kelly Clark – Women’s Snowboarding, Halfpipe

Clark is a seasoned Olympian who came to Christ in 2005 after meeting another Christian snowboarder at a competition. If she makes it to finals, you can watch her compete on NBC from 8:00 to 11:30 pm, EST on Wednesday, February 12th.

 Elana Meyers and Lolo Jones – Women’s Bobsled

Elana Meyers and Lolo Jones both switched to bobsledding after careers in other sports, and they are also both excited about sharing their faith. Meyers says,

One of the big reasons I was put in bobsled is to help people not only reach their goals, but come to Christ.

You can watch women’s bobsled events on NBC from 8:00-11:30 pm EST on February 18th and 19th.

David Wise and Bobby Brown – Men’s Freeskiing, Halfpipe

Both accomplished Olympians, Wise and Brown are favorites for the metals. Brown says that he skis to…

…show people that the world is beautiful. Yeah, there’s ugliness mixed in, but God created us all with the potential of enjoying this place.

If they make it to finals, you can watch them compete on NBC from 8:00-11:30 pm EST on February 18th.

Christopher Creveling – Men’s Speed Skating (1500 m)

Creveling made his Olympic debut on February 10th. With a time of 2:16.553, he finished well but did not make it past the qualifying rounds. According to Team USA, however, he will be tough competition in the next winter games.

Katie Uhlaender – Women’s Skeleton

If she makes it to the finals, you can watch her compete on NBC from 8:00-11:30 pm on Friday, February 14th.

Anne Schlepler – Women’s Hockey

Anne Schlepler loves being part of the US Hockey team because it allows her to take the focus off herself and put it on others. On Wednesday, February 12, the women’s hockey team will face some of their toughest competition: the Canadian women’s hockey team. You can watch the game live from 7:00-10:00 am EST on NBSCN.

Whether they win or lose, these athletes are great examples of individuals who have stretched themselves to the utmost to compete for the glory of God.

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Photo courtesy of Denny Mont.

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