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Four for the Fourth: Great Reads for Independence Day

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Freedom and flourishing are deeply connected, a point Dr. Art Lindsley explains saying, 

When we are free to pursue the work God has created us to do, we flourish. In the absence of these freedoms, there is poverty. Throughout history, whole cultures have experienced abject poverty due to the loss of social, political, economic, and religious freedoms.

As you reflect on the blessings of freedom and flourishing this Independence Day, we’d like to share some interesting articles talking about the relationship between faith, work, economics, and freedom. Today, IFWE wishes you a fun, relaxing holiday with your friends and family!

When Work Is the Way We Love God, Creation, and Neighbor by Richard Doster

We love this recent interview with author, Tom Lutz, published in byFaith Magazine about his new book, Equipping Christians for Kingdom Purpose in Their Work. The discussion about “vocational discipleship” touches on several of our regular topics including the following: the cultural mandate, the Imago Dei, the four-chapter gospel, and shalom. Read the whole interview here.

Your Job is Not Your Vocation by Dylan Pahman

In this article from our friends at the Acton Institute, Dylan Pahman explains the difference between a current job and a vocation, examines what different church figures throughout history have said on the topic, and argues that the first should be put in service of the second. Read more here.

Dignity at Work: Reimagining Talent Acquisition and Retention with Worker Dignity at the Center by Brent Orrell

This new research study by the American Enterprise Institute examines why companies are struggling to retain employees in the post-pandemic labor market. Their main finding: “At the center is a misunderstanding of what humans need to flourish as productive and satisfied workers.” Read and access the study here.

Living in a World Charged with the Grandeur of God by Aaron Wine

This book review of What Are Christians For? Life at the End of the World by Jake Meador, editor in chief of Mere Orthodoxy, is a great reminder that we are blessed to live in a world “charged with the grandeur of God.” Read the review here.

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