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End of Summer Reading Recommendations

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Wednesday, September 22nd, is the first official day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere this year. Which means this list of reading recommendations is technically a continuation of our tradition of posting summer reading recommendations. We’ll call it an “end of summer” reading list.

On this list, we are excited to feature books from some of our blog contributors and our latest additions to the IFWE bookstore.

Reformed Public Theology: A Global Vision for Life in the World

Edited by Matthew Kaemingk

The Reformed tradition in the twenty-first century is increasingly diverse, dynamic, and deeply engaged in a wide variety of global and public issues. This new book brings together the insights of a diverse group of leading Reformed thinkers to offer a contemporary vision of the depth and diversity of the Reformed faith and its global public impact. This collection of essays includes entries on labor, work, and economics and is edited by Matthew Kaemingk, the co-author of Work and Worship: Reconnecting our Labor and Liturgy, which is an excellent resource we have featured on our blog several times.

Reweaving Shalom: Your Work and the Restoration of All Things

By Hugh Whelchel

We are very excited to release the most recent booklet from IFWE’s founder and executive director, Hugh Whelchel. You can read the following short excerpts from this booklet which we have published on the blog:

You can pre-order paperback copies here, or download a digital copy here.

Qualified: How to Think About Your Ministry Experience in Relation to Your Job Search

By Jeff Eads

Have you ever served in your campus ministry or gone on a mission trip? Have you ever worked at a summer camp or volunteered for your church’s youth ministry? Do you add these experiences to your resume? You can! In this short booklet, readers will consider eight specific competencies in relation to common ministry experiences. You can read an excerpt from this booklet here, and order paperback copies here.

Immanuel Labor—God’s Presence in Our Profession

By Russell Gehrlein

Frequent blog contributor, Russell Gehrlein, often uses the term “Immanuel Labor” to describe working with (and for) the Lord. In his book by the same name, Russell the value of everyday work, the eternal value of our work, how we are to work, and implications for those in ministry. The book also includes a helpful index of three hundred scripture references and questions for group discussion or personal reflection. Make sure to watch for Russell’s regular blog contributions, and you can order copies of his book here.

Faith Seeking Freedom: Libertarian Christian Answers to Tough Questions

By Norman Horn, Doug Stuart, Kerry Baldwin, and Dick Clark

We featured this book on a previous recommendations list, and we are including it again because it was recently released as an audiobook! If you have ever wondered if you are a libertarian, or even if a Christian can be a libertarian, this short book of answers is a good place to start. You can begin with this excerpt and download the audiobook here.

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