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Business…as a Mission?

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Photo courtesy of the Advocacy Project

When we think of ways to fight human trafficking, we often think of nonprofits, churches, and charitable organizations – not businesses.

But Elise Hilton at the Acton Institute believes that business is crucial in the effort against human trafficking. She writes,

The private sector is in a unique position to fight sex trafficking. By working with NGOs and charitable organizations, businesses are able to create jobs that allow survivors of trafficking to find employment, support themselves and their families, and learn valuable skills, including saving, budgeting, and working in a professional environment.

Citing a report put out by the Business as a Mission Global Think Tank, Hilton describes how businesses promote fairness, honesty, and stability in society. She also notes that,

Businesses can prevent trafficking by creating alternative and wholesome sources of income, and they can also offer “restoration” for survivors of trafficking. If a person is going to escape from the life of sex slavery, there must be an alternative, safe, sustainable source of income.

As an example, Hilton mentions International Sanctuary, which rehabilitates victims of sex trafficking, helping them to support themselves and rebuild their lives by employing them and teaching them skills like how to make jewelery.

Business people are sometimes stereotyped as greedy, selfish individuals who live only to make money. But business helps to bring stability and flourishing to everyone.

Some, like International Sanctuary, do this through direct philanthropy. Others do it indirectly by creating value and promoting economic growth.

How can you make an impact through your work? Leave your comments here.

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