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7 Poignant Films on Poverty

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The winners of the PovertyCure International Short Film Festival have been chosen. And all seven winning films are poignant calls to awareness about the causes of and solutions to poverty.

The $10,000 grand prize winner, Eviction (shown above), depicts the devastation caused by Cambodia’s eminent domain policies – and the difference that one individual can make. It chronicles the battle fought by one seventy-two year old grandmother, Nget Kuhn, who is struggling to keep her home and protect her family and community by rallying other women in her village to protest the corruption of the government.

PovertyCure told its judges that the intent of the film was:

…to cultivate a meaningful dialogue on integral human flourishing. Through the medium of film, we are able to step into the shoes of persons we otherwise might never have met and learn about the challenges they face, as well as the means by which they can and do overcome. This festival is about authentic human encounters that inspire and enable us to effectively come alongside our neighbors.”

According to PovertyCure, the seven winners were chosen by a panel of twenty-eight judges out of 254 entries. The films were chosen based on the following criteria that included accurate and compelling investigation, excellence in conveying a story, and

…depth of topic and a deep appreciation for the dignity, creativity, and resilience of the human person as explored in the PovertyCure principles.

Check out the other six winners here and leave your comments here.

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