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7 More Quotes About the Work of Moms

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As we celebrate Mother’s Day this year with handwritten cards and bouquets of flowers and tables spread with tasty food, we wanted to reflect over some of the powerful words shared about motherhood from our blog contributors. These are “more” quotes because we shared seven last year as well.

We hope that these quotes are inspiring not only as you remember your mothers, but also the women in your family, workplace, and community.

Motherhood Means Saying “Yes”

John Pletcher, Hope for Hard-Working Moms

Luke’s gospel records that when Mary encountered the angel, she said “yes” to God’s plans, even though they were immensely challenging (Luke 2:38)… A full “yes” to God is the essence of deep trust—genuine dependence—and the very core of faith for all of us. Will moms step boldly into what God wants? Will you listen and be receptive to God’s Word, his instructions? Will you process life’s difficult assignments, hard tests, and rascally scenarios through God’s truth, his power, and his presence? 

Motherhood is Worthy Work

Anna Arnold, Do Stay-At-Home Moms Act as a “Drag on the Economy”?

One estimate puts the dollar value of the work that a stay-at-home mom does at $113,586 annually… A mom who stays at home has a relative comparative advantage when it comes to delivering most of the service she provides for her family—she’s the most cost-effective and loving vehicle for meeting those needs. While we may be able to outsource dry cleaning and cooking, it is near impossible to replace a mother’s love.

Prioritizing Your Emotional Health

Diane Paddison, Three Tips for Working Moms (And Those Who Support Them)

Your emotional health is critical if you’re going to successfully juggle the responsibilities of working and raising your children. Put your phone down, stop comparing yourself to other moms you see on social media, and get into God’s word every day. I personally love the Bible in a Year study on The Bible App (YouVersion). Even if you can only squeeze a few minutes into your schedule to spend with God, that’s okay too. Do what you can, but make it a daily habit.

Motherhood for the Motherless

Kristin Brown, Childless on Mother’s Day, but Trusting in God’s Big-Picture Plan

Mother’s Day at church can be a sensitive time for women…those who wish they could be moms, those whose children have died, those who have wayward children, those whose moms have died…the list can be extensive when you think about it. It’s appropriate to show compassion to those women who fall in one or more of those categories. I’m one of them and appreciate the sensitivity. If this describes you, it’s important to let yourself feel the emotion that comes up on days like these but also to wrestle with the Lord, seeking not only his comfort but also his hope.

Seasons of Motherhood

Russell Gehrlein, From Hero to Zero: Reminders About Failure at Work

There is an ebb and flow to life. That is the way God has designed it. From the high ground, you will always feel somewhat disappointed that your moment in the spotlight is over. At the top, it’s all downhill. You will have to deal with the pain of carrying on until the next harvest, the next major accomplishment, or the next milestone event. Just remember that God will be present with you every step of the way as you head back to work and start over again.

Our High Priest Understands

Renita Reed-Thomson, Jesus as Father & Provider, Part 2

We do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with us.  

He understands the pain of death, as a child losing his father.  

He understands single mothers, as he watched his own mother.  

He understands struggling to put food on the table to feed a family of eight.  

He understands feeling responsible for brothers and sisters, as the eldest child.  

He understands the challenges of running a small business.  

He understands the ethical temptations when sales fall short.  

He understands the challenge of balancing ministry with family obligations.  

He understands the care of an aging mother, a widow.  

He understands.

I thank God that Jesus is our high priest who understands.

Gratitude and Thankfulness for Mothers

Dr. Anne Bradley, Honoring the Faith and Work of Moms

As you reflect on family and the God-given role of mother, join me in thanking and showing deep gratitude for the work of our mothers, which begins in the womb. It doesn’t matter if you are 4 or 54, the sweet gestures, time spent, and prayers offered are the best show of gratitude for our mothers.

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