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New Video: The Role of Freedom in Human Flourishing

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There is a way that leads a man to flourish. It is freedom. 

– “Freedom to Flourish” narrator

IFWE has released a new video highlighting the sacred importance of all work, and pointing to the critical role freedom plays in each person truly flourishing in their work.

Shot in Portland, Oregon and rural Colorado, “Freedom to Flourish” features the work of a variety of working people, from bricklayers and baristas to mechanics and managers. It sets the theological framework and makes the case for championing the freedoms that allow for people, communities, and nations to flourish.

Executive Director Hugh Whelchel commented on the video, saying

It powerfully exhibits the way every man and woman has a God-given dignity and a calling to work. 

Whelchel said he hopes the video “inspires Christians and all people to defend the freedom of every person to find fulfillment in their work by employing their gifts to glorify God and serve the common good.”

Mark Waters is the creative director for Coldwater Media, the company that helped create “Freedom to Flourish.” When wrapping up the video, he commented,

Creatively, this was one of the most satisfying pieces we have ever produced. Often times the kinds of projects we work on tend to be very information heavy, but what was really fun about this production was that we simply focused on capturing the beauty of work.

The beauty of work as portrayed in the video was captured on-site: many of the people depicted are working at their actual, real-life jobs. The woodworker, for instance, runs his business with his father, who taught him the trade. The narrator also happens to be the bricklayer featured in the video. This was his first time doing voice-over work, and the project provided him with an opportunity to discover a new talent.

We hope you discover confidence and dignity in your work as you watch “Freedom to Flourish.” We hope God will use it to inspire you to see your work as a blessing, not a burden, and as an integral part of his design for his creation.

Watch the video and let us know what you think! 

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