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“True and Proper Worship”: Committing Our Work to the Lord During Lent

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Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent. Other than going to an Ash Wednesday service and perhaps giving up something you crave like chocolate, does this season of contemplation and sacrifice have implications for your work?

I liked this description of Lent from author Ann Voskamp:

Lent isn’t about forfeiting as much as it’s about formation. We renounce to be reborn; we let go to become ‘little Christs’. It’s about this: We break away to become.…Don’t think of Lent as about working your way to salvation. Think of it as working out your salvation.

Of course, we want to have this focus all year, but Lent provides us a special season to be intentional about Christ being formed in us—and Christ’s kingdom being advanced.

If you’re reading the IFWE blog, then you’ve already been drawn to the idea that your work matters to God. But perhaps you’d like to go deeper. If you’re new to the blog, you may be looking for some introduction to what this is all about. Perhaps you just read a blog we published on “teaching economics to your kids,” but you don’t know why that even matters when you just want to figure out if you’re in the right job!

May I suggest that this Lent season, you consider giving your vocational life to Christ through prayer, reflection, and reading around the topic?

While IFWE does not have a specific set of readings tied to Lent, I would suggest one or two of IFWE’s reading plans on the Bible App—YouVersion. They cover some of the basic ideas critical to understanding why your work matters as a Christian and what to do about it. Each day there is a scripture reading, a brief devotional, and links to additional reading if you want to go deeper.

What Is My Mission?

This is a seven-day series that addresses the gut-wrenching, life questions we’ve all struggled with: “Isn’t there more to life?” and “What am I here to do?” Your mission at work—and all of life—will become clearer as you discover your role in God’s incredible story. In particular, you will learn the significance of God’s command to Adam and Eve in Genesis 1, known as the cultural mandate, and what it means for us today.

Start reading here.

The Biblical Meaning of Success

This is a five-day reading plan that explores Jesus’ Parable of the Talents and its implications for our work. How easy it is to buy into the lies that lead to discouraging comparisons with those around us! Reorient your thinking around the biblical meaning of success. This plan explains how to invest our talents that we might hear the Lord say,

Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master (Matt. 25:23).

Start reading here.

How Do I Find My Calling?

This is a five-day reading plan designed to help you understand what the Bible teaches about calling and provides you with some practical steps to discover your unique God-given design. While this reading plan is just the tip of the iceberg on the subject of calling, we think it’s a great start for those who are just beginning to explore the topic.

Start reading here.

Finding Fulfillment in Work

How can we find fulfillment in work that we think doesn’t matter to God? It all starts with a biblical perspective. Discover the key to finding fulfillment in your work by understanding how it fits into God’s incredible plan in the Bible. If you find yourself day-dreaming about finding your “dream job,” this six-day reading plan might be for you.

Start reading here.

Wholehearted: Living Life by the Greatest Commandment

Deep within us is a desire to live an integrated life, especially when it comes to our faith. In fact, the “greatest commandment” in scripture (Deut. 6:4-5) exhorts Christians to live this way, loving God with our whole being—heart, soul, and strength. In this five-day plan, you will learn more about this “greatest commandment” and how to live it out. Ultimately, loving God not only impacts your inner life but also extends to your external life, including your work and wealth.

Start reading here.

May you take joy in being a “living sacrifice” (Romans 12:1) through your work during this season of Lent and feel a renewed sense of purpose in where God has you right now.

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