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Top 10 Most Popular IFWE Blogs of 2017

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It’s been another great year on the IFWE blog! We’re grateful for our subscribers and those who share our blogs with friends, colleagues, and family. After 258 blogs, 225,000+ words of content on faith, work and economics and more than 1.5 million pageviews to the IFWE website and blog this year, here is…(drum roll)…the top ten most popular blogs of the year:

1. How to Bring Working Women Back to Church

Diane Paddison

Working women are leaving the church. Here’s how to bring them back. Read more.

2. How the Reformation Changed Education Forever

Hugh Whelchel

Homeschooling or considering Christian education? Here are five ways the Protestant Reformation significantly changed the face of education forever.  Read more.

3. Seek God First in Navigating Career Decisions

Russell Gehrlein

Here are guiding questions to ask yourself as you encounter forks in the road throughout your career. Read more.

4. The Church’s Secret: Biblical Illiteracy in the 21st Century

Hugh Whelchel

If the Bible is our guide for faith and practice, why are so many of us getting lost? Read more.

5. What Are You Gifted to Do?

Art Lindsley

It doesn’t have to be a mystery. Here are practical tips to discover your gifts and calling. Read more.

6. A Christian’s Secret Weapon to Prevent Burnout: Shalom

Hugh Whelchel

With all the resources on “work-life balance,” why are people still struggling? Read more.

7. The Mirage of Democratic Socialism: Why Are Millennials So Attracted?

Hugh Whelchel

Millennials are increasingly supporting the idea of democratic socialism. What is it and how can Christians view it from a biblical perspective? Read more.

8. Redirection not Retirement

Peter Markgraaff

Let’s face it, growing older is real. But if you’ve ever thought that it’s too late to find your life purpose, think again. Read more.

9. Is Discerning Your Calling Becoming Your “Holy Grail”?

James Clark

Be free from the need to always define yourself by your job. Read more.

10. Big Decision to Make? Asking “Why” Makes All the Difference

Hugh Whelchel

In major life decisions, the most important question to ask is not “What?” or “How?” but “Why?” Read more.

Editor’s Note: Setting goals for 2018? Check out this article and special message from IFWE’s executive director, “Goal Setting as Servants of God.” All of us at IFWE pray you have a blessed new year! 

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