Economics 101 & Theology 101

Three Tools for Sharing the Faith, Work, and Economics Message

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The ideas behind faith, work, and economics can be simple to communicate if you have the right tools. Once you understand the eternal value of ALL work (not just the work of pastors and missionaries and even the seemingly mundane work like washing dishes) you are excited to share it with others, but how?

Like pastors do for a sermon, we’ve boiled the vision of the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics down to three basic ideas—and yes, there is alliteration: freedom, fulfillment, and flourishing.

Behind each idea, we’ve provided a short article and a two-minute video. If you’ve been a regular reader of the IFWE blog, we’d like to encourage you to use some of these tools to help those around you who may desperately need to know that their work matters to God too.


Every person has the God-given right to discover their greatest potential, experience the fruits of labor, and find fulfillment in hard work. This desire and right is intrinsic in our design, embedded with a dignity God instilled in us that is realized most when we work and create. In our creativity and work, we image our creator and fulfill his purpose.

You were made specifically by God to play a vital role in his kingdom with your unique gifts. To answer his call on our life, you must be free to exercise your gifts to the best of your ability. This is success.

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Fulfillment can be found in whatever work God places in front of you, regardless of whether it’s your dream job or not. When we work hard every day at the work God has given us, it’s pleasing to him and way more fulfilling for us.

Ultimately, fulfillment is not found in our circumstances, but in the actions – and attitudes we take towards our work, family, church, and community each and every day. It’s found in working diligently to glorify God, serve the common good, and advance the kingdom of God in all that we do.

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Flourishing begins with the work of redemption God undertakes in our souls. He restores us to right relationship with him. We’re all in need of a little restoration. When we figure out what God made us for and how we fit into his big picture of restoration, that’s when we truly flourish.

It doesn’t end there, though.

Flourishing is about more than our personal redemption or finding our calling. Knowing God is glorified when his creation flourishes, we work for the flourishing of others out of gratitude and a desire to spread his glory throughout the earth.

When we serve other people with our God-given gifts, talents, time and resources, we help them flourish.

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Please let us know how it goes as you share the message of faith, work, and economics and what other tools you may need.

Editor’s note: New to faith, work, and economics? Check out The IFWE Booklet Starter Set, where you’ll get introduced to the biblical ideas supporting freedom, fulfillment, and flourishing. 

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