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Three TED Talks about Poverty You Need to Watch

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My church has recently started focusing more on how it can get involved in poverty alleviation in our community and also on a national and global scale. Our discussions as a church community inspired me to look for resources that could provide the best insight on fighting poverty.

You’re probably familiar with TED, the self-described “platform for ideas worth spreading.” In my search for resources I came across some TED Talks with unique wisdom on poverty.

Here are three TED Talks you need to watch about poverty.

#1: The Hidden Reason for Poverty

The traditional experts in economic development and poverty alleviation, they don’t know how to fix this problem. And so what happens? They don’t talk about it.

Gary Haugen, CEO of International Justice Mission, says all the world’s aid money cannot solve poverty.

There is an underlying, persistent issue perpetuating destitution that no microloan can solve: violence. Many people are thrown into poverty by no choice of their own, through violence.

In this TED Talk, Haugen discusses how we can act on this problem now.

#2: How Mobile Phones Can Fight Poverty

 This one company…is raising the GNP of the country much more than the aid this country receives.

Can cell phones fight poverty better than aid? Entrepreneur Iqbal Quadir would say so. He believes the secret lies behind technology and innovation.

In this TED Talk, Quadir talks about his experience starting a mobile phone operator to connect over 80 million rural people in Bangladesh.

#3: The Story We Tell about Poverty Isn’t True

We have overlooked the most powerful and practical resource. Here it is: people who are poor.

What’s the best way to begin solving poverty? Mia Birdsong, co-founder of the Family Story Project, says we’re ignoring the best resource: people.

In this Ted Talk, Birdsong says to end poverty, we must start with empowering the poor by acknowledging their skills and capabilities.

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