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The Future of U.S. Manufacturing

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Over the past few decades, U.S. manufacturing has suffered from a bad public image, overseas competition, and lack of innovation. Is there any hope for this large sector of the U.S. economy?

Forbes contributor Rebecca Bagley believes that there is – if companies approach manufacturing with an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.

U.S. manufacturing is not at a dead end, but at a crossroads – a crossroads where innovation, new technologies, entrepreneurial companies and big trends are paving the way for America to become a “Nation of Makers” again.

Bagley points to new technologies and software that allow companies to capture trends and data. She says,

When we talk about the future of the industry, we are not talking about our fathers’ manufacturing. We are talking about software solutions, service integration, 3D printing and the utilization of big data. These trends will allow entrepreneurs to capture new business opportunities and pave the way for the U.S. to stay relevant in the global manufacturing economy.

U.S. manufacturing is changing, according to Bagley. Will companies rise to the challenge to stay relevant by innovating and taking advantage of the change?

Find out by reading the full article here.

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  • anarchobuddy

    I was under the impression that “the decline of US manufacturing” is a myth when considering the value of outputs; they are about as high as ever. Rather, what has declined is the amount of employment needed to create this value. Perhaps this is inaccurate, but if it is accurate, wouldn’t more output with less labor be considered progress?

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